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Album art that has caught our eye and pocket reviews for each.

Changys Baglaash

Think the cool kids listen to thrash metal with cookie monster vocals? That’s so old skool. Check out rockin’ Tuvan throat singing from Khöömei Beat! With the release of Changys Baglaash the band finds itself leaping to the forefront of a Tuvan music revolution.More

Celt In A Twist

World Beat Canada Radio


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About Us Music is the heartbeat of the world

We hope you enjoy listening to our radio shows, checking out the charts, events and reviews of this comprehensive resource for contemporary global music as much as we do presenting it. Let me give some background on where worldbeatinternational is coming from:.

All our projects aimed at exposing contemporary global music as a relevant and reflective format for electronic and conventional media sprung from an hour of weekend radio called Crossing Cultures which I produced and hosted, starting in the early ’90s on AM 1470, CJVB in Vancouver. I had been working there for ten years, in a traditional multicultural radio environment (the kind where you have no reason to listen unless you happen to speak the same language as the announcer). It was hokey, boring and already woefully dated and I thought cross-cultural programming through contemporary global music was just a better way to celebrate and promote different cultures and I still do.

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