What You’ve Been Waiting For - Tiempo Libre


Musicians routinely make sacrifices to pursue their passion and sometimes, they take some risky chances. When the members of Tiempo Libre were growing up in Cuba, they got their dose of American popular music by tuning in Miami radio stations, a practice that is expressly prohibited on the island. Now, they’ve made Miami their home base and are retooling Cuban music for the next chapter in its evolution. This seven piece powerhouse play Timba, a mix of high-voltage Latin jazz and seductive Cuban son. Each an exceptionally gifted musician, they’ve made time between their personal projects to pursue a mutual dream of creating the first authentic, all Cuban timba band in the United States. That’s why they chose the name Tiempo Libre or ‘Free Time’. In addition to performing and recording, Tiempo Libre are developing a reputation for their educational and outreach programs, teaching inspiring classes in rumba, Latin jazz and traditional Cuban music.