Onda - Fiamma Fumana


The good book says, “A prophet will always be held in honour except in his own hometown.” Fiamma Fumana has achieved international acclaim for breathing new life into the ‘rice gathering’ folk songs from the Emilia Romagna of Northern Italy. The band has just released their third album called ‘Onda’ or ‘Wave’ but, surprisingly, MTV Italia is refusing to put the first video single from the disc in rotation! Well, as the new Fiamma Fumana website boldly proclaims, “If you can’t ride the wave, you’re going to go under. Technology and communications are the new weapons in the same old mission: to find, claim and keep our place in the world.” Lorenzo Cherubini and MC Navigator trade raps on the title track, Prendi L’onda. After extensive auditions, the band also has a new lead singer following Silvia Orlandi’s decision to pursue a solo career. Lisa Kant, a vocalist from Tuscany brings a background in electronic music and fashion design to the new Fiamma Fumana.