Timeless - Sergio Mendes

Concord Records

Forty years ago, Sergio Mendes became the biggest Brazilian music star in the world with his breakthrough album, ‘Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66’. His career was reignited this year when Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas literally showed up at his door one day begging to work with the veteran music star on an urban remix of some of his Brazilian classics. The result is ‘Timeless’, one of the biggest comeback albums in popular music. Will.i.am and Erykah Badu turn up the heat on the old Mendes hit, ‘Slow Hot Wind’ while the Black Eyed Peas have their hip hop way with his most memorable hit, Mas Que Nada. Sergio Mendes and Will.i.am have since become fast friends. The BEP rapper told Mendes he discovered his music in a record store when he was just fifteen and it was influential on his career. The 65 year old Mendes admits, “He was really touched by that”.