Mi Nina Lola - Buika


Concha Buika was born in Palma de Mallorca, surrounded by a rich diversity of Spanish sounds. Her parents came from Equatorial Guinea to settle in Mallorca’s predominantly gypsy community. But, it was while she was in London, studying music interpretation that she accepted an invitation to see jazz guitarist, Pat Methaney in concert. That show changed her life and inspired her to combine all the musical elements she had grown up with. Her sandpaper voice and emotional delivery have prompted comparisons to Tina Turner, Lola Flores and Sarah Vaughan. On Buika’s first solo album, she blends flamenco soul, jazz and funk to dramatic effect. But don’t paint this talent into a corner. Buika is adding other musical styles like House, Dance and Electronica to her growing repertoire. She’s also taken on production projects for stage plays and movie soundtracks.