Gaagua (Longing) - Elisete

IMP Records

As the experts struggle to find difficult solutions to complex global issues, the joy of sharing simple pleasures is an effective tool which is too often overlooked. Elisete is a striking performer who was born in Salvador de Bahia, the daughter of an officer in the Marines. Duty called him in 1991, and Elisete found herself living in Israel during the time of the Gulf War. She chose to stay there and use her gift of music to help ‘bring simple joy to the hearts of the Israeli people’. Showing her extensive talents and amazing determination, she has released five albums and numerous videos which have been well-received in Israel and around the world. What’s most impressive is that Elisete writes the lyrics in her native Portuguese and then translates and sings them in Hebrew! She says, “Good vibes are something people in Israel need very much. It’s a difficult country and artists have an obligation to try and improve the society they live in.” Gaagua is the follow-up to her other international release available on these shores, called ‘Luar e Café’. Both albums are brimming with soft and breezy melodies over samba-driven beats ...a perfect prescription for personal or collective melancholy.