Garden Ruin - Calexico

Quarterdeck Records

In Southern Arizona, the US Mexican border is really just a line in the sand. Here, the Sonoran desert ripples with heat waves and bristles with giant cactus. Joey Burns and John Convertino have made Calexico’s sound reflect this rugged wilderness and its people, on either side of the fence. Calexico recently made the move from city life in Tucson to the isolated Victorian mining community of Bisbee, Arizona. There isn’t even cell phone service in Bisbee, because the town was built in a steep ravine. But, that hasn’t kept the band from their fans and friends in global music. They recently contributed to the new album by the French collective, Gotan Project and they performed a celebrated concert at the Barbican Theatre in London. Burns and Convertino admit they tend to dive deep into political waters when they are songwriting and that tradition continues on Garden Ruin … so do their gorgeous atmospheres of mariachi –style horns, lonesome pedal steel and spaghetti western guitars. The album opener sets the tone with a breathtaking comment on environmental corruption called, ‘Cruel’. Hopefully with Garden Ruin, Calexico will lose their reputation as ‘the best band you’ve never heard of’.