SSB - Salvador Santana Band

It’s true …the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. But what do you do if your father is one of the most revered and recognizable guitar players in popular music? Well, take piano lessons of course! Twenty-five year old Salvador Santana certainly inherited a passion for music from his father, Carlos. He studied at San Francisco’s School of the The Arts and later, at the California Institute for The Arts he formed the Salvador Santana Band. The million dollar question: "Is the world ready for another Santana?" Well, Salvador's recording debut certainly has the Latin rock vibe his father immortalized but, as you might expect, there’s a great deal of contemporary urban influence on the tracks as well. Throw in some finger-snappin’ funk and you have the perfect soundtrack for a Summer’s Day, which also happens to be the catchy first single from SSB. Keyboards being Salvador’s instrument of choice, naturally Papa Santana makes a guest appearance on the new album, as does Asdru Sierra from Ozomatli.

Key Tracks: Summer's Day, Oh Yea Yeah