Escape From Dragon House - Dengue Fever


Music’s strength is its ability to thrive and influence, even under the most extreme conditions. During the Vietnam War, American Forces Radio beamed out a continuous mix of rock, pop and soul intended for the benefit of their troops. What they couldn’t have predicted was the impact it was having on neighboring Cambodia. American musician, Ethan Holtzman toured South East Asia in 1997 where he stumbled on some of the psychedelic Cambodian rock music being made by local musicians in the 60s and 70s. That sound stuck with him and once back in California, he recruited his brother, Zac and began auditions for a one-of-a-kind band they’d call, Dengue Fever. The crowning touch to their musical vision came when they recruited Ch’hom Nimol (chome nee-mol). She’s a stunning vocalist who actually used to sing for the King and Queen of Cambodia before finding her way to America. Building a cultural bridge out of psychedelic rock, surf guitar, Cambodian vocal tradition and Ethiopian grooves, Dengue Fever is deliriously different.