Island Life - Yerba Buena

Razor & Tie

Yerba Buena’s master mind, Andres Levin laughs when he hears New Yorkers say they have to get away to an island somewhere, while forgetting they already live on one. As he explains, “With Manhattan’s growing Spanglish soul, the island music is right here, whether it’s merengue, reggaeton or even steel drums.” This ‘polycultural’ septet has just dropped their second release called ‘Island Life’, a concept album that represents Andre’s love of New York and the city’s energized tropical music scene. As he puts it, “it’s a soundtrack for urbanistic island living” Island Life is teeming with guest appearances … everybody from rumba Flamenca vocalist, Peret to urban Cubans, Orishas. The album’s first single, Sugar Daddy features cameos from Colombian actor and comedian, John Leguizamo and soul sisters, Les Nubians. Listen closely and you’ll even hear a sample of the late, great Celia Cruz. Not that this dance machine needs any help getting the party started. Like Black Eyed Peas, Yerba Buena is a collection of strong, contrasting personas in funky costumes, only this Justice League has cooler superpowers and a bigger bag of grooves.