Di Korpu Ku Alma - Lura


Cape Verde is an archipelago, 300 miles of the coast of Senegal in Africa. Ten islands make up the chain. While Cesaria Evora has become the region’s musical ambassador, the romantic mornas from the island of Sao Vicente that she sings represent only a small portion of Cape Verde’s music culture. Lura comes from Santiago, the most African of all the islands. It was there she learned the sexy, hidden rhythms of Cape Verde … styles such as the batuku and the accordion-driven funana which was considered too erotic to bring out in the open. Lura explains, “The batuku beat was brought to Santiago by slaves who did not have drums. Instead, the rhythm was played on stacks of folded clothes when a dozen or more women gathered to do laundry. It was often accompanied by poetry and a sensual dance called torno.” She goes on to say, “My intention is to show the world that Cape Verde is much richer than people imagine. And, since I am a singer and a performer, I can fulfill this role perfectly.” Di Korpu Ku Alma is an attractive alternative for anyone who has been intrigued by Cesaria’s sound but is looking for a little more sizzle. The package comes with a DVD that’s packed with video clips and an intimate documentary look at this gorgeous singer