Midival Times - MIDIval PunditZ

Six Degrees

The Urdu word, ‘mehfil’ describes people gathering to share music, poetry or dance. The South Asian duo of Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj extend this ideal into the realm of modern club culture with their music project called, ‘MIDIval PunditZ’. Tapan explains, “We started out with 150 people on our mailing list and now we’re hosting our ‘cyber-mehfils’ in places like London and Berlin.”The PunditZ have come along way with their music since the two first met in grade school. Starting in New Delhi’s thriving club scene, the pair has since spread their contemporary fusion of Indian classical and programmed beats around the globe. As Tapan observes, “Electronic music is making lots of different cultures blend together.” Highlighting their second full-length release, Midival Times, the PunditZ collaborated with Hindustani singer, Kailesh Kher on a tune that recalls the ecstatic tradition of Sufi song called, Ali. The PunditZ respect Indian classical music, but in a fun-loving way, as they put it, “It’s something to be embraced and cherished, not worshipped from afar.”