Diam - Daby Toure

Real World

Peter Gabriel is blessed with the gift of introduction and global music fans are all the richer for it. The latest discovery by his Real World label is a singer/songwriter named Daby Toure. His roots extend back to Mali but his family has spread to Senegal and Mauritania where Daby was raised soaking up the sounds of a vibrant, cultural hub. Through pirated cassettes he was seduced by the western influences of The Police, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. Like so many West African musicians before him, Daby fled the instability of the region to pursue his career in Paris. Diam is a very delicate and personal album, like a photo in your wallet. The image is small but the impact to the owner is life-shaping. You can just tell by listening. What's astonishing about Diam are the dubby atmospheres Daby sneaks into the soft and simple acoustic-based tracks. And, his voice? It may remind you of someone else Peter Gabriel introduced you to many years a go, Youssou N' Dour