Joyful Rebellion - K-Os


When you throw out the old rules of hip hop; chaos rules supreme. Canada’s Kevin Brereton, aka K-Os is helping rap mature beyond juvenile indulgence into the awareness of adulthood. He’s even expanding its musical boundaries, infusing the spoken word with new flavors of Latin, Jazz and Gospel.His folks are devout Jehovah’s Witnesses who emigrated to Canada from Trinidad. Kevin himself studied world religion at Ottawa’s Carleton University. He remembers, “When I would borrow the family car, if I left any music with swearing in it, my dad would throw it out the window.” He lost half his CD collection that way. The new album, Joyful Rebellion charts new horizons for urban music, smashing major stereotypes along the way. It really is breathtaking to hear his conscious rhymes set to everything from string orchestra to jazz quartet to flamenco guitar. But while he reconstructs the beast he never gives up on it. Old school tracks like B-Boy Stance show that despite his new vision for the future of hip hop, K-Os is still just a B-Boy at heart.