Gangsta Blues - Tanya Stephens

VP Records

Tanya Stephens is motivated to make her mark in the male-dominated world of dancehall reggae. In her words, “Sean Paul might have unlocked the door for dancehall but each artist still has to knock for themselves.” Tanya did a lot of knocking since returning to Jamaica after a three year sojourn in Sweden. The 31 year old, mother of one admits that once back in her island homeland she, “pestered everybody for new riddims” until she found a willing collaborator in producer Andrew Henton.The resulting new album is called Gangsta Blues, but Tanya’s quick to emphasize she’s no gangsta. She chose that title because in her songs she talks about “the same kind of everyday struggles often sung about in the blues”. And, it's gangsta because she “isn’t sitting around whining and crying about her problems either.” Tanya is empowering dancehall’s femmes with Gangsta Blues as a killer role model. She got her hands on some great riddims that run from old school roots to pulsing electronic-driven dancehall beats. She's also got a way with the words too ... insightful lyrics instead of booty rhymes and a distinctive delivery that enunciates clearly so her message is heard.