Leave Us Free - Steven Halk


Steven Halk aka Lasare is newly arrived to Canada from Togo, but he's quickly found a community of friends among Vancouver's like-minded global artists and his first North American recording deserves to be heard. Steven lost his sight at age 9, fell in love with music and began recording when he was 19. The press called him "The Stevie Wonder of Togo". Steven's genuine, passion-fueled delivery on 'Leave Us Free' however, evokes comparison to another great performer. Ziggy Marley reinvented himself last year as a solo singer/songwriter. For my money his latest release, Dragonfly was one of the year's best. Like Ziggy, Steven has a global voice that rings true in a stripped down arrangement. A gift for great melodies and some help from Vancouver's multi-talented Allan Rodger doesn't hurt this album either.