Nacao Zumbi - Nacao Zumbi


Why is it exactly that new music innovators are often cut down in their prime? Jimmy Hendrix was just a pup when he left us, so was Kurt Cobain.Things aren't that different elsewhere in the world either. Brazilian music is enjoying a renaissance in North America but their visionaries are no less mortal. Suba died in a Sao Paulo fire and Chico Science was killed in a car accident. Chico was the motivating force behind Nacao Zumbi (pronounced: nass-ow zoom-bee), leaders in the Mangue or Mangrove Beat of Recife, a tropical paradise famous for its beaches, arts & culture and the mangrove swamps. Bands like Nacao Zumbi pushed the envelope to show the world that there's more to Brazil than bossa nova and began to draw more of their strength from dub reggae, electronica, punk and jazz ... enough strength to weather the tragic loss of Chico. Their latest self-titled album swirls with psychedelia, drops some major beats and jams the sonic landscape with dense tribal and traditional allusions.This is as challenging and rewarding a listen as you're likely to find.