Love & Hate - Aventura


Before considering the music of Aventura (apparently the most successful independent Latin band in the world ... who knew?) you need to do a certain amount of regression therapy. Go back in your past to a sweet time when you weren't traumatized by boy-bands. Hell, the Beach Boys were kinda cool weren't they? Now, snap your fingers, return to the present and press play on 'Love And Hate', the New York/Dominican band's first release in Canada. Aventura is a bachata boy-band. Bachata is a guitar-driven, bongo-laden Dominican tradition with a history that closely mirrors rock 'n roll. It's been often associated with lower-class debauchery. Sounding pretty good so far don't you think? Anthony, Leny, Max and Henry Santos fuse the bachata with R&B and Hip-Hop and even sing in Spanglish, touchstones that should endear Aventura to a broad array of Latin music fans and even new ears with less than a musical sense of adventure.