After The Flood - Clumsy Lovers


Touring, tenacity and talent have made The Clumsy Lovers a terrific band. Did I mention touring? I have a T-shirt from one of their summer sojourns on the road. The dates start at the neckline and run all the way down the back to the waist. The band spends 300 days States-side and they try to play every night. Look at your calendar and figure out how many days you actually work in a year ... that's the tenacity. The Lovers have been doing this for years creating a symbiotic playing arrangement that's versatile and tight as a drum ... that's the talent. This band has had the good sense to stick with the plan, working independently and beating the system. Not that any of the members would attest to playing music as being work. Their love for this original blend of Celtic, Bluegrass, Old Tyme, Speed Roots music is anything but clumsy. It's passionate. After The Flood, the band's umpteenth disc notches up the lyrical strengths and production values, rocketing from banjo-driven barnburners to near orchestral fits. And, now that a deal has been signed, the album will soon be re-released on Vancouver's Nettwerk Records, home to Frontline Assembly and that McLaughlin girl. Thank you, Clumsy Lovers for proving that in this day, when the music industry itself hovers at the brink, a great band with a good attitude can still go the distance.