Solo Los Locos - Bayanga


Puerto Rico is a lightning rod for musical influences emerging all around it. Geographically centered between North and South America, the island boasts a culturally complex society, which is reflected in their salsa rhythms.The music, is a lot like the sauce … a spicy blend of components. Bayanga, a new 10-piece group from Puerto Rico, throw even more flavors into the salsa mix. They’ve borrowed reggae, soca and ska from their Caribbean neighbours, rumba from Latin America, bata drumming from West Africa and Cuba, plus a splash of samba from Brazil.Bayanga’s recent powerful stage show at the Sierra Navada Reggae Festival, caught the ears of Doctor Dread. He is a veteran reggae producer, and that one performance was enough to convince him to get on board and produce Bayanga’s album.Solo Los Locos is another trip through some troubled minds. Loosely translated, it means ‘Only The Crazy Ones’.