Second Hand - Serras

GO Danish

The darkness and mystery of Scandinavian folklore seems to feed on abusive distortion and metal swagger. It would almost make you think they were part of the musical traditions all along. Sweden's Hoven Droven may well be the ultimate example of this phenomenon, lumbering through Nordic reels with a heavy, head banging wall of Marshalls driving fiddle and woodwind melodies. Serras, who have been called "the Vikings of folk music", plunder and pillage their own Danish folk heritage with equal unleashed aggression. Where they part ways with their Swedish counterparts, however is in their electronic treatments and jazzy refinement. Serras recalls some of the great music I've heard performed live by Scandinavian new music horn player, Andreas Petter Molvar and Norwegian club music innovators, Jagga Jazzist. Dronningens Contillion kicks off the band's second album, appropriately named, 'Second Hand' with an astonishing processed bass riff that sounds like a primordial beast. One critic struggling to sum up the music of Serras chose the phrase, "reincarnation rather than recreation".