Mouse Gone Wild - Eeek-A-Mouse


How does a Jamaican roots singer named Ripton Hilton become a one-of-a-kind dancehall toaster known as Eeek-A-Mouse? Did he lose a bet? Well, he lost several actually, all on the same racehorse, the horse’s name? - Eeek-A-Mouse! Ironically, the only time Ripton didn’t place a bet, Eeek-A-Mouse actually won the race. That would be enough to make anyone come a little unhinged. Eek-A-Mouse offers a glimpse into his imaginative and troubled mind with this single, 'Schizophrenic' from his forthcoming release,’Mouse Gone Wild’. The video for the song is a comical trip through his many personas that's worth watching (check it out on He’s got a knack for catch-phrases as well, which have caught on all over Jamaica. His album titles are no less creative. In 1988 he released ‘Eek-A-Nomics’, a disc that brought him a much bigger fan base and even a role in the film, New Jack City.I can't remember his part but I'm sure his acting was better than Mick Jagger's.