Ethnomixicology - The Outernationalists

Six Degrees

Afrocelts' founder/guitarist, Simon Emmerson has an enlightened vision of how multiculti mix and match can point to the future of the form ... not bad for a punker who used to hang out at London's reggae soundsystem shows. In collaboration with writer, DJ/producer, Phil Meadley, Emmerson's latest work of fusion research is a seamless album of remixed tracks called "Ethnomixicology". The disc embodies the essence of London's diverse and dynamic club scene ... the epicenter of global dance culture. You'll find flavors from the four corners on the disc, all melding neatly into one another, from track to track. Berim Dance from Urban Trad, a Belgian contemporary Celtic group is one of my faves on the CD.Emmerson's Afrocelts get the final word with a remix of Deep Channel from their latest, Seed.