Montezuma's Revenge - The Highballs

The Highballs are lo-fi, light-hearted and lots of fun. That said, they also may have just partied their way into a an entirely new form of musical expression. My first stab at classification would go something like, "acoustic mariachi punk". The sextet have dreamt up not only a completely original style but the personas and pen names to go with it. You gotta smile along with any band that wears flowerpot fez's and has a drummer named Senor Discount. Montezuma's Revenge is a neat little disc recorded with little flourish and a lot of crazed energy.The tracks that blend surf and ska with the south 'o the border like 'Monkey' and 'Lavas Los Dientes' work best. Catch the LIVE experience if you can but don't be a sucker. These guys taunt for tequilas. I've seen it happen and it's not pretty.