Courage - Randeesh

Mountain Lion Records

Vancouver worldbeat fans who still remember our early morning sessions on 96.1FM may also recall the music of Randeesh.Born on Latin America's Caribbean coast in Belize, he's now a fixture on the Sunshine Coast, wearer of bright colours, creator of conscious reggae. Courage, the follow -up to People, Are You Ready? is a cut above and a giant leap forward for the performer. As a matter of fact, it's one of those albums that reaffirms your faith in the independently produced album. The popular misconception is that indies aren't quite up to industry standard in production values. That's just not the case here. Randeesh has created elaborate but not overly-ornate arrangements for his songs utilizing authentic and progressive musical elements. The melodies toy with the form while the lyrical hooks remain rooted in the most positive of vibes. The final mix is quite flawless and the man himself has never sounded better. More than just courage went into this disc. It's obviously been a labor of love and perseverance.