Waltz Rromano - Earth Wheel Sky Band


As cryptic as it is compelling, this Balkan Gypsy concept album seeps into your bloodstream like red wine under a noonday sun. Utilizing only basic instrumentation of percussion, violin doublebass, guitar and cimbalom (a Hungarian dulcimer), Serbian Olah Vince has fashioned a work that packs a surprising sonic punch. Vince, something of a legendary figure in the music scene of Novi Sad ( a significant Serbian city on the left bank of the Danube) is a gypsy cultural activist who is even trying to convince the government to allow him to establish a gypsy radio station. Liner notes for Waltz Rromano, complete with typos, were written by one Bojan Djordjevic who, I'm fairly sure was severely drunk at the time but his last words are sage advice, "Listen to this music, dance, shout, be Gypsy, be free."