Venus On Earth - Dengue Fever

Beware of the global outbreak of Dengue Fever. This six-piece band has taken the path less traveled; reinventing the psychedelic and surf guitar sounds of Cambodian pop that sprung up during the time of the Vietnam War. Already critical darlings and pioneers of ‘Passport Rock’, Dengue Fever has set loose a second album of infectious and oddball songs called ‘Venus On Earth’. Zac Holtzman, one of the two brothers at the heart of Dengue Fever remarks on how globalization has changed the musical landscape. “Maybe 15 years ago”, he reasons, “the band wouldn’t have been as well –received as they have been. But with the internet and a more mobile world culture, people seem to be more open to things outside their experience.” The music of Dengue Fever falls outside the realm of experience for most of the western world. It’s a revival of an East meets West sound that was effectively wiped out in the 70’s by the Khmer Rouge. Interestingly, they consider themselves to be a rock band, which is not all that familiar with the world music scene. Dengue Fever has produced a couple of amazing looking videos as well, thanks in no small part to the radiant beauty of their Cambodian singer, Chhom Nimol.

Key Tracks: Seeing Hands, Oceans Of Venus