People’s Spring - Warsaw Village Band

World Village

There's an urban savvy propelling the rural charm of the Warsaw Village Band, but never enough to obscure the beautiful traditions of this music. In Poland during the Communist regime, folklore was replaced by fakelore and only in the last 20 years or so have young Poles had the opportunity to reconnect with the folk music of their heritage. The six members of Warsaw Village Band, tender in age but tenacious in their pursuit, journey through the Polish countryside to research the roots of Polish folk music like "white voice" a powerful melodic wail used by sheep herders to communicate long distances. Back in the studio, they cook what they affectionately call 'hardcore folk' or 'bio-techno', backing traditional voices of hurdy-gurdy, dulcimer and suka (the Polish fiddle) with electronic textures, never heavy handed with the programmed beats. The acoustic frame drums and horn parts are frenetic and fresh to western ears. And, all ethno musicological musings aside, it's primary objective is to make you wanna dance.