Cookpot - Paa Kow

Paa Kow Music

Great recipes start with a great foundation in the pot. If you're making sauce you need a good rue. If you're making soup you need flavorful stock. If you're making music, it all starts with a tasty beat. Ghana-born drum prodigy Paa Kow balances ingredients of African polyrhythm and seat of your pants grooves on his new album Cookpot. One thing listeners will notice exceptional about Cookpot is just how crisp, clear and powerful his drums sound. That's not by accident because Paa Kow's is no ordinary drum kit. "I wanted to take those traditional drums of Ghana and turn them into a drum set," he explains. "So I needed a 10 inch and 12 inch. Those are the toms, Then a 14 inch.That's the floor tom. And then I wanted a long-barreled kick to give me a deep sound." That kick drum turned to be made from a single tree trunk, which isn't at all easy to find in Ghana. "Every engineer loves it!" he delights. Cookpot leans heavily on the instrumental excellence and rhythmic underpinning. But, the melodies are also surprising strong which begs the question, how does a drummer become so adroit at that aspect of the music, until the man fills in another important link. "I'm a bass player myself," he explains. "People ask me, Paa Kow, how do you come up with those tunes? Well, I work out the grooves on the bass. It's fun to play melody on the bass as well, like Jaco Pastorius. I play congas too, so when you put it all together it sounds like the stuff I grew up with in Ghana." Home cooking, funky and flavourful from a supreme African drummer.

Key tracks: The Way I feel, Cookpot, Pete Pete and African Lady