Mogoya - Oumou Sangare

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There's a sweet spot between near-dated technology and near-future possibility that's rife with artistic expression and on-trend style. Visually, it gave us the breath-taking cinematic spaces of Terry Gilliam's Brazil, steam punk fashion, the gritty over antiseptic, post modern vision of District 9 and even the apocalyptic junk funk of Road Warrior. Musically, Africa is at the fore of providing a spot-on soundtrack for this space/time collision. South Africa's Spoek Mathambo re-imagines township sounds through a Neill Blomkamp lens, the enigmatic Mbongwana Star emerge from Kinshasa's shanties with Congotronics worthy of a William Gibson novel and now, after an 8 year hiatus, Oumou Sangare the premiere chanteuse of the sub-Sahara returns from the studio with one of the most compelling fusions of time-honored song and cutting-edge production entitled 'Mogoya', appropriately 'People Today'. While her sound remains deeply rooted deep in Malian tradition,we have never heard her like this before. Recorded in Stockholm by Andreas Unge, the new record was produced in Paris by the crack French production team, A.L.B.E.R.T. (Vincent Taurelle, Ludovic Bruni and Vincent Taeger). "“We wanted to emphasize the raw power of Oumou’s voice and songs and to avoid the glossy smoothness of so many current African productions. We wanted to find a new modernity" The team worked their magic mastery of buzz and glitch, creating an edgy foundation for Sangare's soaring Wassalou melodies.  The album's standout moment, 'Yere Faga' or Suicide emphasizes her emboldened propensity for confronting the heavy with a groove that's heavier still, provided by Afrobeat's legendary Tony Allen. Mogoya is an exceptional masterstroke that draws upon a rich musical heritage and leans fearlessly towards the future.