Colors Of Brazil - Cabruera

Tumi Music

Timing is everything. As everyone agonizes, weighing the pros and cons of the year's offerings in a vain attempt to organize them in a cohesive list of best to worst, sometimes life drops a big shiny gift into your lap. Cabruêra's double album, 'Colors Of Brazil' is no doubt the last CD I peel the shrink wrap off of before Christmas and it is no doubt one of if not the best contemporary global music collection of 2015. Each of Cabruêra's four artists hail from Campina Grande (Great Plain), the second largest city in the Northeastern state of Paraiba; a city with a notable cultural agenda. But, even by Brazilian standards, a country that is magnitudes ahead of most of the world in musical diversity and creativity, Cabruêra is astonishingly inventive, absorbing a wealth of rhythms, textures and styles and not just Brazilian, which undoubtedly makes them so in demand for film and TV soundtracks. The tracks on both beautifully produced discs move between instrumental and vocal selections effortlessly with disc 2 presenting a distinctly soundtrack feel to the mix. The name Cabruêra is a Portuguese term for hearty goats ' Cabras' which eat and chew what ever they can to derive nourishment in the unforgiving desert of north-eastern Brazil. Like these goats, Cabruêra chew through all manner of cultures and rhythms such as Coco, Ciranda, Embolada, Forro, Maracatu, Rock, Punk, Funk Rap and Electronic. You'll even here sprinklings of sitar and tabla throughout, Caribbean melodica and didge-like drones. Vocally, they bring to mind other north-eastern Brazilian innovators like Nacao Zumbi. The band was formed by Arthur Pessoa (vocals, guitar and melodica), Pablo Ramires (drums and percussion) Leo Marinho (guitars) and Edy Gonzaga (bass). Their sound is nicely fleshed out with electronics and the appearances by Joao Henrique (trumpet) and Clevaldo Rodrigues (trombone). 20 guest artists in all made contributions to Colors Of Brazil. Most of all, the double album is hugely listenable in its entirety with plenty of twists, turns and detours, interesting sound bytes and enough deep pocket grooves to give you a sore neck. There's more to these Colors Of Brazil than the green and gold you'd expect.