The Vibes - Empresarios


You will feel ‘The Vibes’ Empresarios are laying down … right in the seat of your pants. If all producers were bass players, this is the way all music would be mixed. That would be bassist, Paul Chaconas by the way.  They call their brand of super-charged Puerto Rican Latin ‘Tropicaliente’ and Empresarios are the kings. The Palm tree snapshot on the cover accurately portrays the tropical vacation vibe of the package. It’s all about sunshine and good times. It’s not just straight up salsa or cumbia either. The Vibes' fat and funky sound mines lots of contemporary influences like dub, hip hop and reggaeton, keeping things fresh and lively. At the heart of Empresarios are vocalists Frankie Rosado and Felix Perez. Their high tenor, close harmonies beautifully mimic the horn parts (or is it the other way around?). Regardless, their flows are razor sharp and syncopated, creating lots of space between them and the percussive rumblings way down under. The band’s DJ, Sonny Cheeba makes sure the tracks dance floor ready. No Vamos A Parar or ‘We Won’t Stop’ opens the album, and they don’t until the slow jam melodica -melodied Alegria fades ten songs later. Other favorites include A Fuego Lento (To Simmer) which very nearly boils over with Spanish guitar, hyper percussion and lowdown synth. Another inescapably groove plays out on Salsoul with Washington DC collaborators Orquesta Salsaley, unapologetically riffing on Santana’s Oye Como Va. Encanto hits close to home for Rosado and Perez. It’s a love song to their cherished motherland, Puerto Rico. Again, you gotta love the beefy bass. The Vibes feel good on ears and rears. Enjoy!