Rhythm and Passion - De La Terra


Nuevo Flamenco, like sangria is one of those great summertime concoctions that, while no less tasty, seems out of step at other times of the year. Langley, BC trio, De La Terra make hay while the sun shines (people used to do a lot of that in Langley when it was still a rural community). I saw the group up at the Harrison Festival Of The Arts, just one stop on the busy summer festival circuit. You can't get much tighter than a three-piece, and the road-seasoned combination of Doug Towle on guitar, Lyndon Dewitt on drums and percussion and Jeff Warren on bass deliver the duende with a singular voice. Rhythm And Passion effectively displays Towle's sophisticated sense of melody and his penchant for shredding acoustic solos. The 15 tracks make superb listening for a sunny afternoon.