Crimen Sonoro - Troker


Bad ass isn't the first term that comes to mind when you're thinking about global music, but Troker isn't the first band that comes to mind either. They've broken out of the world music dog and pony show and last year took the stage at rock's Valhalla of festivals, Glastonbury in England. That show was instrumental in the production of Crimen Sonoro or 'crime sounds'. Released officially on November 11th, 2014, it's already among the best albums of the year, period. The six-piece genre-busting band began in the bars of Guadalajara, Mexico ten years ago. "We've played rock, we've played jazz, we've discovered who we are. We're happy in our own skins." explains trumpeter, Gil Cervantes. What they're comfortable doing, is challenging to say the least; hard-wiring heavy metal riffs with junk shakin' funk, DJ scratching and mariachi horns. "We try to make it fresh, but never obvious," says Gil. "Elaborate, but still simple enough to make people dance. We put odd things together and see what happens." What happens on Crimen Sonoro is probably best described as heist music in the best pulp fiction sense. Troker (literally Mexican slang for 'trucker') conjures up other images as well, like the soundtrack in the dashboard lit cab of an eighteen wheeler, gunning through the night in an amphetamine craze. Contemporary global music is reflective of so much more than precious tokens of cultural tradition. It speaks to the modern day geo-political climates in the region as well. In that respect, Crimen Sonoro eloquently reflects Mexico's current dark underworld. And, Troker never let you forget whose driving. One minute you can be chicken-necking to a deep groove; the next, you're emerging from an uncontrollable skid of free-form jazz chaos. It's a hell of a ride, and like all great rides, once Crimen Sonoro is over, you're more likely than not to go for one more spin, at least.


Key tracks: Stranger, Principe Charro, Ingratitud, Tequila Death