For The Light - Digging Roots

Sugar Bush Music

It's time to shred that list of accepted superlatives repeatedly trotted out to describe First Nations-made music; modernity echoing the ancient, dark and spiritual, reverent and haunting, organic and eternal. Digging Roots present 'For The Light', an album that's stylish beyond all else. If not runway-ready this is roots haute couture. After touring internationally in the wake of their Juno and multiple award-winning second release 'We Are', the married co-creators of Digging Roots, Raven Kanatakta and ShoShona Kish have emerged from the studio as fashion-forward songsmiths of sonic design. For The Light  struts confidently with a sharp and tailored sound that embraces much more than the bluesy roots they began with. That foundation resonated with Raven's aggressive dobro over ponderous blues grooves and chanted choruses. For The Light won't disappoint fans of that infectious earthiness but ShoShona and Raven step out on a bigger stage drawing in elements from further afield; at times reminicent of UK loungers like Morcheeba; other moments seem to channel the raw buzz of Lenny Kravitz with touches of Matthew Sweet's guitar pop perfection. There's also the lope of the reggae dropbeat; the 'everyman music' to the rest of the world. Humanity is at the soul of the loving lyrics as well. The album introduction and sure to be a Digging Roots classic, 'All Night' rings with a passionate and spiritual tone, "This car's become my longhouse and you've become my prayer. The air smells of sweetgrass, it means I'm almost there." For The Light packages nature, nurture and sophistication. First Nations music is much more than pow wow and Digging Roots doesn't have to mean getting dirt under your fingernails.