Fanyifan - Aboubacar Camara & Doundounba


Aboubacar Camara is a man of many talents. In Vancouver, he's known primarily for training and performing with African dance troupes but he's also earned his brown belt in Shotokan Karate, competing in Germany for the Guinean national team. Now, he's released one of the most exciting West African albums to come out of the westcoast in sometime. Fanyifan (Kindness) flips from highlife to soukous and other rhythms native to Guinea.In West Africa they call it 'amasumbou' music ... a mingling of musical traditions. It's interesting to note that global fusions have been occurring for a long time, independent of western elements like jazz rock, funk or hip hop. One of the standout tracks on the disc, Yenkeke does adopt a little B-boy rap for urban flair. I was also taken by 'Confederation Canada', what you might call a new soukous twist on our stuffy national anthem. It's a patriotic salute from a grateful countryman. I think every hockey game should open with it