Who Is This America? - Antibalas


- New York's Afrobeat powerhouse on the other hand, are having real problems figuring out who America is these days. And who can blame them. America is dealing with one of the biggest cock-ups on the world stage in recent memory (going to war on the advice of bad intelligence) and now they must prepare to elect a new President. It's a weighty decision and I'm sure many Americans are searching for answers. Antibalas (Bulletproof) asks the questions on this new album, but are quick to clear some serious space for dancing. Afrobeat is quite possibly the most infectious groove on the planet and these guys have the chops. But I'm talkin' serious space ... like 19 minutes and 14 seconds for the the 7th and final track alone! And, they're all like that with only one exception. To Ropeadope's credit, they suggest radio programmers fade in and fade out these behemoths, but come on guys, that only leaves the listener feeling ripped off for not hearing the entire song. Be brave, dump the tracks into ProTools and slice up some cohesive radio edits. You can still leave the 19 minute versions on the disc should some poor slob working the all-night shift at your favorite radio station need a potty break.