Hymns And Hers - Oliver Schroer

We lost boundary-breaking fiddler Oliver Schroer to leukemia in July 2008. He got a late start on his music career but still managed to contribute to over a hundred recordings. His last recording, Hymns and Hers is unquestionably his great accomplishment. The tunes are achingly beautiful, building counter-melody upon melody, instrument atop instrument in escalating variations until the complexity of his compositions become suddenly realized in all their glory. Many of the tunes on the album remind me of Pachelbel's Canon in the way his simple fiddle lines bloom into the symphonic through repetition. It's easy to forget with the classical overtones on the album that Schroer was a fiddler, not a violinist, with roots in European and Celtic folk tradition.

Key Tracks: A Song For All Seasons, The Morning Star