American Us - Los Mocosos

Six Degrees

- Little snot-noses are the future of America. The Mission District's Los Mocosos (literally ' the snot-noses') are neither cute nor wet at both ends (not that I've checked) but they do represent the new face of America. This band has a defined sense of self and community, of lineage and heritage. Through their music they extol the positive virtues of being Latino in America today and being damn proud of it. True to the musical roots of their 'hood, the potency of Santana, Malo or War resonate with every funky, ska-soaked chord they play. Another translation of Los Mocosos is 'the mischievous kids" which also fits the band's 'fun-loving but not to be ignored' presentation on disc and in concert. American Us finds them goofin' on silly ditties like Hey Mama or Genius, but don't turn your back ... next moment they're dishing out socio-political commentary on Le Presidente, veiled as a dance tune in the the true Caribbean tradition. On personal note, Los Mocosos are a smart, thoroughly motivated band and a nicer bunch of guys you won't find. American Us treats listeners to another great album from a group of guys who know who they are and where they're going.