Cave Rave - The Crystal Fighters


On August 29th, 2013, British band, Crystal Fighters will play a cave in Spain’s Basque region. No, they are neither creative anachronists revisiting the Neolithic era, nor rock and roll dinosaurs (although the exercise does admittedly sound a little Floydian). As a matter of fact, Crystal Fighters are enlightened students of philosophy, citing the works of 10 contemporary philosophers as elemental to the themes of universal oneness and the multiple dimensions of consciousness found in the songs on their sophomore album called ‘Cave Rave’. The title actually refers to a quite recent phenomenon where dance-driven tribes (like their Neanderthal ancestors), descend on one of the many natural amphitheatres that dot the Spanish coastline and rave on into the summer night. These aren’t snug, rocky holes in the wall. We’re talking about cavernous spaces that can hold a thousand people. As you might expect, “The acoustics are tricky,” explains Crystal Fighter, Graham W. Dickson, “but they should be better when the cave is full.” The relationship between the quintet and the Basque country (on the Atlantic coast in the western Pyrenees on the border between Spain and France) is covered in the back story to their debut, ‘Star of Love’. Essentially, it involved a found manuscript belonging to the reclusive, Basque-living grandfather of original member, Laura Stockley. Among the wild prophesies; an unfinished opera was unearthed in the scrawls. The baffling writings ultimately spring-boarded the band into a journey of discovery into Basque culture, music and philosophy. Cave Rave continues further into the cerebral while working the Basque musical traditions, including the txalaparta (wood plank percussion) and txistu (traditional flute) more seamlessly into their global dance/pop compositions. What emerges is a sound that’s cosmopolitan with an overwhelming air of positivity, that’s both infectious and refreshing. “This is a great time to be alive!” enthuses Sebastian Pringle, the voice of Crystal Fighters. It’s this combination of intrigue, pursuit and uplifting energy that beckons you to return to Cave Rave to more fully appreciate what a pleasing listen it truly is.