Rebel Jukebox - The Falcons

Falcon Beach Music

71 percent of the earth’s surface is covered by the ocean. About 44 percent of the world’s population lives within 150 kilometers of the sea. Human beings are inextricably connected to the rhythms of the waves and the crash of the surf. In the 60s mysterious instrumental guitar bands like The Shadows, The Tornados, the reclusive king of surf guitar, Dick Dale and especially The Ventures emulated the fluid motion of the surf with twangy, reverberated chords, intricate phrasing and cascading runs of furious picking. The Falcons, Vancouver’s own instro-surf quartet celebrate their 20th anniversary with the “All Instro – All Modern” recording, ‘Rebel Jukebox’ in glorious Nearstereo. Lead guitarist, Mike Beddoes explains much with his insightful liner notes. “I learned to play guitar by copying rock & roll I heard on the radio. The singers were young so I assumed that kids, just a little older than me were playing. Some of the songs were quite sophisticated and difficult but I learned them anyway. Years later, I discovered it was all a cruel hoax. Most of those ‘kids’ were in their 20s and 30s … some even pushing 40!” Like his inspirations, Beddoes and his buddies are now elder statesmen of their craft. In today’s music world we hear surf guitar sounds in Latin and Brazilian music, Arabic, Balkan, Russian, Cambodian, you name it. Again, we are as a species all closely tied to the ocean. Who knows from what shores the next great instro guitar surf band will arise? Like Mike Beddoes, they will have to learn the intricacies by listening closely to the masters who continue to ply and play in the shadows of pop culture bombast. The Falcons are a rare sighting; Los Straitjackets are silver foxes behind their trademark Mexican wrestling masks. But, we’re very lucky indeed that these veterans are still making the music they love. You can even catch Dick Dale in concert occasionally with his son on drums. Rebel Jukebox is a priceless collection of instrumentals, diving into the many nuances of this genre from the classic surf of ‘Dreamrider’, the 12-string jangle of ‘Restless’, the slow burn, Rumblesque ‘Daughters of Night’, the near-Knopfler ‘One Ireland’ and south of the border fry-ups like 'Renegado'. Surf culture is global culture. Thanks to bands like The Falcons and recordings like Rebel Jukebox, young players can listen and learn the music that continues to give it voice.