The Ride - Los Lobos

Hollywood Records

On the inside sleeve, the credits are listed as, "Los Lobos still are Louie Perez, Cesar Rosas, Conrad Lozano, David Hidalgo, Steve Berlin". It's just a cheeky reminder that after more than 3 decades, little has changed for these Mexican roadhouse rockers and their latest release leaves you with the impression that this time, they really are just enjoying The Ride. Lacking the thematic focus of their previous studio disc, Good Morning, Aztlan or the new music experimentation of This Time, The Ride is Los Lobos in their comfort zone ... a little rippin' blues, a little Spanish folkloric and a whole lotta soul. And what's a road trip without a few friends? Along for The Ride are Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson and David Allen among others (come to think of it, it would be kinda fun counting license plates with those guys!). Standout tracks include the opening La Venganza de Los Pelados featuring Mexico's alt-rock innovators, Cafe Tacuba and Kitate with Tom Waits' gravel and whiskey tones and the lovely Martha Gonzales from Quetzal (a band Steve Berlin produced an awesome album for). Naturally, these are terrific road tunes. Take a drive and enjoy The Ride.