In Trance - JUJU

Real World

Robert Plant sideman Justin Adams and Gambian spike fiddle player Juldeh Camara follow up 2009's exceptional Tell No Lies album and 2010's Trance Sessions with In Trance. Collaborating now under the quintessential moniker JUJU, the pair created the new disc through two days of live recording at Real World Studios, with no overdubs. The sound is rich, full, dynamic and impossibly more raw still than previous compositions. In their skilled hands the gut-bucket blues that crossed from Africa to America return again to the desert sands of the Sahara, woven into trance-inducing cycles of the ancients. The liner notes simply state that Juldeh plays a self made ritti or nyanyeru, a one-string Fulani fiddle. Justin plays a 1952 Giblson Les Paul Goldtop. They leave you, the listener to discover the potent blows such a minimalist arrangement can deliver by veteran players locked in flowing conversation. Celtic fiddle players (especially from Cape Breton) know what it means to play with 'grit'. The sand-worn edge of Juldeh's ritti produces an even coarser grit that can tickle your spine on the way through your ears. And, Justin's trusty '52 Goldtop growls and cries like a chained beast. The seasoned blues guitarist and purveyor of North African music (he grew up in Egypt and has worked with desert greats like Tinariwen), has a seemingly boundless vocabulary of licks and fills, drenched in glorious guitar straight to amp tones and swells, captured on this aurally peerless recording. Holding down the backline are Billy Fuller on bass with Dave Smith and Martyn Barker on drums and percusiion. Capped by Juldeh's visceral singling in the Fulani language, In Trance is a transportive and rewarding listen.