La Jardinera - Silvana Kane

Six Degrees

Silvana Kane, the siren’s voice of Pacifika is obviously a seasoned westcoaster as the band’s name might suggest. “Vancouver is a city made for lullabies,” she explains in the press material for her new solo recording La Jardinera, “it rains so much and there’s reflective time available.” Too true; however, Pacifika refers not to the geographic location but to the feminine form of the word ‘pacifico’ which in Spanish means ‘peaceful’. Indeed, peace, nurturing both the earth and children and femininity are themes that resound throughout La Jardinera, a collection of some of Kane’s favorite tunes from South American songstresses who have influenced her life. The title is an Argentine folk melody that tells of a woman nursing a broken heart by tending to her garden, echoing Kane’s own belief that by nurturing mother earth, we nurture ourselves. The works of Chabuca Granda, Mercedes Sosa and Violeta Parra are also lovingly updated on La Jardinera. It’s a quiet, simple album with sparing arrangements by Silvana’s band mates in Pacifka; Adam Popowitz on guitars and banjo, Toby Peter on bass, and with the addition beautiful brassy flourishes from Malcolm Aikens on trumpet. An immediate favorite is Duerme Negrito, taken from the songbook of the great Mercedes Sosa. It too is a lullaby, sung to a child whose mother is out working in the fields. In this case, there is a prevailing element of drama provided by growling guitar work by Adam Popowitz which creates an interesting foil for Silvana’s breathy delivery. While Pacifika continues to explore globally for inspiration, La Jarinera is an exploration within, revisiting revelations from the past and looking inside for personal edification. It’s an invitation to an intimate monologue that reveals a more complete picture of the artist. A tour of theatre shows with simple staging of voice and guitar is planned to support the disc. Kane says she is looking forward to connecting with her fans in a more intimate way.