Chicken Boxer - Gaelic Storm


Honestly I did my research; eight pages into Google looking for some reference to the term ' Chicken Boxer' that wasn't related to the 9th Gaelic Storm album of the same name. The only other thing I could find was a pair of 'Hustler Choke The Chicken' Boxer shorts for 12.99 a pair. No, I did not buy them nor the 16.95 pair of 'Jingle My Bells' shorts. But, what the hell is a Chicken Boxer anyway? No matter how you take it there can't be much honor for the pugilist. To be sure, there's a fine story behind it as there is to so many of the characters we've come to know and love through the lyrics of the master of malarky, Gaelic Storm's Patrick Murphy. The former manager of O'Brien's Irish Pub in Santa Monica has a knack for spinning a tale whether plausible or laughable and often both. There's The Night I Punched Russell Crowe, apparently a true brush with greatness that grazed too close and connected with the star's head (who was obstinately refusing to put out a smoke at the time). There's the tale of Johnny Tarr, the "hard drinking son of preacher" who after drinking every bottle dry, died of thirst. Never Drink "em Dry revisited the character at his wake. There's Punjab Paddy, an Irishman who makes himself at home in Delhi not Dublin. And the stories continue on Chicken Boxer, though this time Murphy and songwriting partner Steve Twigger returned to Ireland to to take inspiration from their original homeland. The new tales embrace the obvious; like the hearty traditional morning fry- up of Irish Breakfast Day. And, the creatively deceptive yarn about The Bear And The Butcher Boy. “I really wanted to write an old-fashioned story-song,” Murphy says. “I researched folk songs and the Alan Lomax field recordings and I think they seeped into my head." But, the storytelling is only half of what makes Gaelic Storm so endearing and enduring. Each album is peppered with brilliant instrumental selections, energized with global percussion, driving strings and soaring pipe melodies. Here again, Chicken Boxer delivers the one, two combination with muscle. The avian titled 'Dead Bird Hill' and 'The Storks Of Guadalajara' are further examples of the punchy hooks and jabs that keep Gaelic Storm standing and their fans coming back for more.