Star Trails - Spirit Of The West


Spirit Of The West carved out a distinctly Canadian Celtic Rock sound that has left an indelible impression on hundreds of bands around the world. The old adage … the whole really is greater than the sum of the parts, rings especially true for them. That’s not to downplay the individual accomplishments of its members. The five players in the band have busied themselves with other musical projects and family concerns since their last studio album in 1997. But, theirs is a collective spirit which has held the parts in place for 20 years, and to celebrate, the band has returned to the studio. The new disc is called Star Trails (a type of astrophotography where long film exposures of the night sky reveal the movements of the stars). The title seems particularly appropriate for players who themselves have earned revealing insight into music through long exposure. There are no missteps or rusty writing here. Star Trails will fit smartly in the CD changer alongside The Spirit's greatest works like Faith Lift and Weights & Measures. King Of Scotland mocks the hubris of Idi Amin Dada, so smitten with the kilts and pageantry of Queen E's Scottish Guard, he promptly declared himself 'King Of Scotland'. Thank goodness John Mann's poison pen is still full of ink!