Origins - Treacherous Orchestra

Navigator Records

Celtic is without question one of the most vital and diverse facets of global music and it continues to influence and inspire indigenous sounds from around the planet. The Irish Diaspora produces some of the world’s best punk bands as well as the most refined traditional instrumentalists, but for those with a penchant for bold musical exploration into uncharted territory, Scotland is indeed the home of the brave. The aptly named Treacherous Orchestra has chosen the path less traveled in the creation of its first long play entitled Origins. Opening with an Overture and divided by a Prelude, the mere 9 tracks clock in at 55 minutes which should tell you that this is most definitely not a collection of fluffy Celtic pop pieces. The 11 members of Treacherous Orchestra hail from the length and breadth of Scotland, converging on Glasgow in 2009; a gathering of gigantic proportions by today’s band standard, and began dreaming up compositions which are equally epic. This orchestra is built on the primary components of Scottish folk: pipes, fiddle, banjo and accordion (or ‘box’ as the locals call it) along with the essential rock elements of guitar, bass and drums. But, the sets twist, distort and morph in a kaleidoscope of different feels, drawing on elements that reach far beyond the highlands to include pulses of Scandi-folk, Balkan frenzy and healthy dollops of prog-rock. Origins is often dark but ultimately triumphant in its resolve. In the evolution of Celtic it may very well be the early development of a whole new species. Key tracks include the super funky folksy Superfly, the sprawling Look East and the closing set of links called Sausages.