Mixolydian - Mark Saul


Mark Saul certainly isn't using innovation as a cloak behind which to hide some kind of deficiency of detailed study. He's a highland piper from Melbourne, Australia and an educated music explorer who is taking pipe music to strange and distant places (even more strange and distant than Australia). His new album is called Mixolydian, a musical mode of playing a scale starting on the 5th note rather than the root. It was all the rage in the church music of the Middle Ages and more pertinent to the piping of Mark Saul, it's a fave mode used by blues and rock artists. Mark earned a diploma in audio engineering and left the Victoria Police Pipe Band to pursue his wild ideas of marrying the highland pipes with electronic dance music. Pipers of all stripes owe themselves a listen to this fascinating album if only to develop an appreciation for how versatile the instrument can be when taken out of traditional context. Mark imitates the electronics, playing rapid fire sequencer-like bleats over an entrancing sea of drones. Afro Celt and Shooglenifty fans, prepare to be blissed out