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Female fiddlers rock the world. Be it contemporary Celtic, British or European folk-rock, Scandinavian nu-trad or Eastern experimentation, globally-attuned bands that employ folk instruments in their arrangements inevitably liven up the stage with a touch of female pulchritude bowing a violin under her lovely lady chin. But, it was more than just a pretty face that stole the spotlight for Kytami when performing with the Canadian multi-culti phenom, Delhi2Dublin. Assuming the Irish half of that equation, the petite firebrand in Chucky T’s and tartan minis would explode in a frenzy, like releasing a tightly wound spring. Visually and sonically she conjures a storm, deftly layering harmony upon melody with live sampling, delays and atmospheres into swirling string section orchestrations, earning her the title of ‘violinistextremist’. The writing was up in lights for anyone to see; Kytami was to be singled out as an individual artist with an expansive vision. Now, with the release of her self-titled debut, listeners can find out if the live dynamism can be preserved in glass (or on MP3 if you prefer). The disc roars to life like an MGM movie with the impending feline ferocity of 2 Lions, a pilot light of a tune that ingnites the jets to follow. Bass Is High is an electro-thrash thriller like MIA meets Sleigh Bells – metal crunch scraping deep beats. Live collaborator, The PhonoGraff produces the grooves and Steven Mek produced the record. Guest voices include former band mate, Sanj, Josh Macdonald and OSC. Fans familiar with Kytami’s trio will recognize Mista Chatman’s flow on Kytami Rocks and Vancouver sing-jay Ndidi Cascade rhyming sweetly over top, Kytami’s over the top re-imagining of Pachelbel’s Canon in D which she calls Unity. The dubby Kiss ‘n Tease is a total blusher; a soft-core come-on that alludes to dirty talk without ever really going there. It’s like burlesque beat-poetry. The mix is pristine, even the live ode to Lotus Land that rounds out the disc, and the material covers a lot of ground as any great debut should. Evocative cover art by Natalie L Streit wraps up a package that Kytami fans already knew would be impressive.