Carnivale Electricos - Galactic


Galactic is the mean motha-funkin’ machine Mardi Gras built. Who better to blow the dust off the age old bacchanal and breathe new urban electricity into the parade of unrepentant souls. For eighteen years it’s five members have mined deep pocketed grooves deep into the night, emerging only with the sunrise piercing the fog of exhaustion and excess that is the greatest party in the world. Carnivale Electricos begins with the morning after Lundi Gras when the tribesmen of the Golden Comanche gather on the street surrounding the chant of Ha Di Ka by the latest Mardi Gras Indian chief, Juan Pardo. Only on the Galactic album opener, the filtered vocal burns through a buzz of edgy breaks that sting with the ringing in your ears from the night before. No one is left out of this fete, including props to the grandest Carnaval of them all in Rio. Brazilian samba drum troupe Casa Samba revive their longstanding collaboration with Galactic on Carlinhos Brown’s Magalenha, The first family of New Orleans rhythms is represented by Cyril and Ivan Neville. The band even takes the uptown samples and breaks down to the bayou for some funky zydeco on Voyage Ton Flag with accordion king, Clifton Chenier and Cajun innovator, Steve Riley. Even 50 year carnival survivor, Al “Carnival Time’ Johnson adds major cred to his name-sake anthem. The inevitable hangover puts the insane energy to bed with a closing instrumental, Ash Wednesday Sunrise. It’s the way Galactic does a lullaby after the biggest blowout of the year. Carnivale Electricos is the sound of life lived to the fullest.